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My name is Louise and I’m a mother of two boys, living in London – and –  My name is Louise and I’m an international fashion model, living out of a suitcase.

I love both the occupations I’ve been blessed with – they are equally hard work and of course chalk and cheese in comparison.  One day I am scrubbing poo off the bathroom floor with greasy hair and the next I am lucky enough to be shooting a fashion story in Italy.

My modelling career started over 20 years ago when I was a prepubescent 14 year old and a size zero.  Today I’m a 36 year old curvy size 14.  I should be considered extinct within the industry, but by hook or by crook I am still in the business – and naturally the name ‘Mama Still Got It’ was born.

I believe that nothing makes a woman more beautiful, than the belief that she is beautiful.

My modelling career will always rely on how I look, so over the years my love for skincare, general well-being, fashion and cosmetics has been a passion of mine that has evolved (as I have too).

My aim is for you to find this to be a motivational go-to read.  Resourceful, honest and inspiring stories written for mothers – read by women that you can relate to.

Think of  ‘Mama Still Got It’ as a blog dedicated to all mothers.  We have the hardest job in the world, and it’s not to be underestimated.  We must embrace our strength, beauty, pride, identity and confidence as we take on daily challenges as a mother.

If you believe it’s important to get better with age, retain a good sense of humour, appreciate a large glass of wine, and want to hold onto your identity as a woman – and not just pigeon holed as a mother, then please subscribe as I attempt to make sense of the everyday madness.

Finally a mum blog dedicated to YOU – and not your kids.  Sorry (not sorry).

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