Annabel Karmel on baby weaning, recipes, allergies and fussy eaters…

Annabel Karmel, the UK’s No.1 children’s cookery author & weaning expert has launched her 47th book ‘Weaning made Simple’ and it’s brilliant! As I start to introduce my 6 month old baby to solids, the same questions echo between all parents, When is my baby ready for first foods? Should I be doing baby-led weaning? What foods should I give my baby? How much and how often should I feed him?  What are critical nutrients? How do I introduce them?  What do I need to know about allergies?


With over 5 million cookbooks sold worldwide and 30 years of expertise, Annabel equips parents with cutting-edge information and the practical tools needed to make this a stress-free, enjoyable time.

She has taught me so much from this podcast and her new book that I wish I could go back in time and do the same with my other two older children. The first tastes are more important than you think!

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