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Naturally 2020 saw a ‘bike boom’ according to the sales figures from the UK’s Bicycle Association, and not surprising considering that jumping on a bike was the only form of freedom we had during the lockdown months, and now we’re also seeing more people cycling to work rather than take public transport.

We’re a family of 5 and during the lockdown months we used our bikes more than ever – our youngest son learnt how to ride his bike without stabilisers too whoop!  We were out on the bikes most days – and this is when we realised we have a clutter problem and needed a solution.

Bikes were everywhere in the garden which took up valuable space and potentially dangerous for our newly crawling baby, and when it rained the bikes came inside our home taking up even more space and more clutter.  When living in a pandemic and trying to keep the house as clean and sterile as possible having 5 bikes in the house seemed hypocritical.


We came across Brighton Bike Sheds and instantly fell in love with their website, their bike sheds and how easy it was to order.  We got speaking with Aaron who started the company in 2013 – he talked us through the options we could have and what would work best for us.  We have a basement front garden that is empty – I sent a photo of the area to Aaron who said this would be a great place for the bike shed.

There are 3 different types of shed you can choose from – the ‘Classic’, ‘Slot in’ and ‘Vertical’.  We decided to go for the ‘slot in shed’ for 5 bikes – this means we can take them in and out of the shed individually with ease – and really kept my OCD at bay!  There are lots of options you can go for with regards to how your bike shed can look too.  Their standard range of bike sheds are clad in either Scottish Larch, Pressure Treated Pine or Western Red Cedar – then you have the option to add a living green roof.


The green roof was laid with sedum where the type of flower emerging will vary from year to year depending on temperature, moisture and available nutrients, which provides you with a constantly changing, natural landscape. In dry periods, the roof will turn red or yellow but will return to green.  A green roof provides a beautiful little bio-habitat which helps replenish the green in the urban landscape.  The vegetation can help to reduce local pollution and urban heat island effect, as well as providing a habitat for wildlife.  My boys had given me full instruction that they are in charge of this ‘garden’!

Pricing wise – this will vary on your choice of bike shed, the size of it and what extras you have, such as bin store or log store – or if you decide to have something made totally bespoke.  Our 5 bike slot in shed with cladding with slatted cedar battens and a living green sedum roof cost £1689.00.

Aaron and his colleague Kai made the installation process look so seamless and effortless.  The whole installation process took under 2 hours with zero stress or issues.  They did mention that they also deliver flat pack, but from experience I always think it’s worth spending that little bit extra to have the professionals install it properly.  It will save a few arguments with your partner that’s for sure!

As for safety, the shed is equipped with a Secure Bar –  a thick-walled galvanised steel tube which is fitted into the frame on the back wall and would require noisy power tools to cut through. The hinges used for the doors are heavy duty galvanised T-hinges, fitted externally using galvanised steel security screws. A secure long-throw bolt is fitted internally. To put simply – our bikes are well and truly safe, which for anyone who has had a bike stolen like I have in the past from being locked to a lamppost outside my house, this is really reassuring to know.


We’ve been using the bike shed for over a month now and I genuinely wonder why we didn’t do it years earlier.  It has solved all our clutter problems, looks great, and has kept our bikes, safe, dry and out of my way when I’m running after my now walking baby in the garden.  If you’re looking for a bike shed, whether it’s for one or six bikes, whether it’s bespoke or not, Brighton Bike Sheds is the place for you.  I could not recommend them highly enough.

Watch this video to see the installation process and the solution to our bike clutter problem…

Thank you for reading, see you next week and hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Louise x


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