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Fantastic Spring Cleaning

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Spring has sprung – hurrah!!  When Spring is in the air I have a certain spring to my step…It’s time to wipe smudges off our sunglass lenses, sow seeds in the garden and finally notice the tree’s budding new blossom.

It’s also a perfect time for that spring clean that you have been putting off whilst hibernating over the winter months.

I love a good spring clean, but let me guess, you’re a busy mum right?  Always spinning plates and trying to keep on top of everything – yeah you know what I’m talking about.  Cleaning seems so far down the on ever growing list of things to do – and besides, with the warmer weather finally arriving, I’d rather spend the time with my kids outside rather than dusting lampshades or polishing the silver (kidding I don’t have silver to polish but you know what I mean).

I’ve had cleaners before in the past but to be honest I’ve not always had a positive experience when it comes to hiring help.   One cleaner didn’t hoover at all and used a broom to move around dust, another one decided not to turn up and then sent my keys back to me in the post (so stupid), which of course got lost in the mail which inevitably cost me a packet to get a new door locks – and my most recent one used to rummage through my personal things.  So to say the least I had given up on cleaners – but I really needed help at home to stay on top of everything.  As we all know being a working mother is a full time job and any help is a bonus.

Then I found a company called Fantastic Services – and my initial thought was, if they are confident enough to call their company ‘Fantastic’ then they must be pretty good.

I was impressed before they even got to work – a team of 3 people turned up in uniform with ALL the necessary bottles of cleaning products (thank you!), their own hoover and the longest cob web duster I’ve ever seen.   They went to town on the place – and as there were 3 of them, it took a third of the time to clean.  This to me is gold – I have meetings, phone calls and kids at home a lot so the quicker they were in and our the better.



Their actual cleaning work was OCD incredible! Everything was spotless – I could see my reflection in the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom seemed like an adult place again.  The hardened toothpaste smeared across bathroom tiles that I had ignored for days was eradicated, the dust that had collected on top of the extractor fan had vanished and most importantly a weight lifted from my shoulders knowing that my house was clean and tidy.

We now have Fantastic Services come over twice a month to blitz the place and I look forward to it so much – totally worth the £15 per hour service.

I highly recommend the team from Fantastic Services – and not just for cleaning… they do all sorts of other services, like pest control, waste removal, gardening, builders and tradesmen AND they also do gift cards – so you can literally give the gift of cleaning to a busy mama like yourself.   Amazing!

I really do believe there is a connection with a clean house and clean mind.  My mood lifted, my patience with the kids was better, I appreciated my home more and I loved my long hot bath that evening knowing that the tub was freshly scrubbed and clean top to bottom.  I certainly felt like a mama who has still got it!

See you next week!

Louise x

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