Global Beauty Expert Wendy Rowe gives us tips from the top.

Global Beauty Expert, best selling author and celebrity makeup artist Wendy Rowe talks to me about all things skin and makeup

In an ideal world, we’d keep makeup artist Wendy Rowe in our bathroom. Famous for making skin look luminous and beautiful for the likes of Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller and crowed the ‘master of nudes’ I talk to Wendy about how she makes skin look so flawless, what we should look out for if we decide to have any treatments and if she has David Beckham’s phone number.

I have been lucky enough for her to paint my face so I know how talented she is and I want to pick her brains about her skin care routine and makeup hacks. I’ve already tried out her beauty advice and I can safely say it works!


Wendy Rowe @wendyrowe



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