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We all have our own thing that make us feel better.  For some it may be a yoga class, a bottle of wine, or getting your nails done. I love all of these things but the one thing that really makes me feel like I’ve still got it is good hair.  

I got in touch with Great Lengths Hair, who specialise in beautiful, real hair extensions that look so natural and chic.  I’ve had them before in my 20’s when I had a modelling job and loved them!   After being incubated at home for 3 weeks with my new born baby and a wedding looming the following week, I knew I wanted to do something for me – to feel and look good, especially when I was going to be around friends for the first time after giving birth.  This was my motivation to have them done and I’m so pleased I made this choice as boy oh boy did it make a difference. 


I went into the salon looking like a mum with a new born… and I left looking like the confident hair models you see on the TV commercials whipping their hair back and forth.

 I felt GREAT – and I looked great AND it only took an hour to do.  I even caught men double looking at me as I was walking past them in the street – something that hasn’t happened in a while – and it felt so good – felt like I’m a mama who has still got it thats for sure! 

There are two types of hair extensions you can get with Great Lengths Hair – the bonds or the GL tapes.  Both bonds and GL Tapes cause no damage to your natural hair, but I went for the GL Tapes as I had heard your hair can be transformed in under an hour.  Perfect to work around a baby and my other kids schedules.  

Great Lengths Hair are based all over in hair salons – I went to Richard Ward in Sloane Square.  I had to go for a consultation to make sure they got my correct hair colour.  This took literally 20 minutes tops!  My hair match was spot on and I was to go back to the salon two days later for the hair to be applied. 

Back at the salon with my new born in tow (who stole the show) I was ready for my transformation.  The first thing they do is wash your hair (without any conditioner and you can’t wash your hair for 48 hours afterwards).  Then once it was dried, the hair was put in place.  The tapes are exactly that – there is very sticky tape at the top of the hair extension that sticks to your natural hair.  These extensions were professionally fitted all over my head and within an hour I was done!  

The hair is then cut to your liking of length, styled (if you want to be styled) eh voila you have turned into a bombshell.  The transformation was incredible.  Walking back to the car park I was a different women.  Confident, had a slight swagger when I walked, thought of myself as a superhero and nothing could stop me in my tracks.  Feeling this confident after giving birth isn’t the norm (this was my 3rd baby so was well aware of how I would be feeling).  

If you feel awkward accepting compliments then these hair extensions are not for you, because be prepared for people to stare at your and tell you how good you look.

 The mum’s at the school gate, the postman, the Sainsbury’s man who helps me when there is an unidentified object in my bagging area, and most importantly my husband were offering me such kind compliments that did actually catch me off guard… but I lapped them all up! 

Having such long, full, beautiful hair was a breeze to style too.  Mothers don’t have a lot of time getting ready to go out, but getting ready for the wedding we were going to took less time than it would if I was styling my own hair.  I washed it (recommend using the hair and conditioner supplied by GHL) blow dried it and then straightened it.  Job done – it looked great.  That’s the great thing about this hair too – it can be styled how you like it with the styling tongs or straighteners you already have at home. 

So – I hear you asking…what was it like to have them taken out?  Once again the whole process was so quick and simple and done within an hour.  My baby didn’t even wake up!  The GL Tapes Removal Spray was rubbed into the tapes and a couple of minutes later the hair slid out.  Natural hair totally in tact and unharmed.  Fabulous! 

After the hair is taken out, it is donated to the Little Princess Trust who then turn it into wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer or other illnesses.  I loved knowing this – such a great cause knowing that the hair has more meaning to it. 

The pricing does vary with how many pieces are applied and the length of them so best to talk to your stylist at your free consultation.   

Would I recommend them?  Yes 100%.  Did I feel good?  OH HELL YEAH! 

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Louise x



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