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Half Term Hopster Help

Half Term is here!! I’m excited and have already had an incredible weekend away at Log House Holidays – I wrote about this place in a previous post – you can read it here.


Back to reality (for me) and of course I have a ton of emails to answer, editing to go through and lots of writing to get on with – BUT how can I feel comfortable working in front of my laptop/phone when my 5 years old is at home with me?  You know what it’s like, the mum guilt seeps in, we worry that our child is watching to much TV, or using YouTube on my phone which always worries me.  My son knows how to spell ‘sharks’ and once this is entered into YouTube a ton of grotesque videos come up of shark attacks … extremely inappropriate for my son!

So – I have discovered a way to work, and for my son to also ‘work like mummy’ in a very healthy and educational way.

I downloaded an app called www.hopster.tv – here you can sign up (and have a months free trial).  The kids can use the computer or phone and learn, have fun and be entertained for enough time for me to finish writing a few emails.

Hopster Testimonials


They are happy

You are happy

Everyone wins

Try it out today – www.hopster.tv for a stress free email morning.

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