It’s All In The Jeans…

There’s been a lot of women talk about how difficult it is to buy a good pair of jeans that tick all the boxes – and I couldn’t agree with you more…

I too find it very difficult to find that pair of jeans that tick all my boxes – these are;

  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Affordable
  • Fashionable

I’ve tried on so many pairs of jeans over the years, where my usual shopping trip ends up with me cursing myself in a badly lit changing room followed by cheering myself up with a bar of chocolate and a bottle of wine – which inevitably just makes me feel worse.  It’s a catch 22 vicious circle situation and I know I’m not alone.

I recently shot a denim campaign for JDWilliams – it’s my job to model the clothes, but I don’t have to always like them! This time I did – and had to share this with you if you too find it difficult to find a great pair of jeans.


I must have tried on around 50 different pairs of jeans –  skinny, bootcut, boyfriend, straight etc – and I loved the majority of them.  The team behind JDWilliams has put hard work into asking the customer what they want out of a pair of jeans and making this work for them (us!).

JDWilliams is only on line, so you also get the pleasure of buying and trying clothes on in the luxury of your own home.  If you need to send them back the process couldn’t be easier!

Have a sneak peak into the video we shot with the JDWilliams team as well as the Jane Ducker, editor of Feel Good You


Thanks for reading, enjoy shopping and see you next week!

Louise x




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