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This months ‘Mama of the Month’ is 57 year old model Nicola Griffin.  Mother of twin girls, Nicky found herself giving up her day job and entering the fashion industry at the mature age of 53.  She’s now gracing the covers of glossy magazines and shooting swimwear campaigns with top models!  I was lucky enough to shoot with her in Italy on my first shot back after giving birth.  Nicky is a huge inspiration of mine and I absolutely LOVE her answers…


1.Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you’re from, age, children, occupation etc

My name is Nicky Griffin and I was born in London.

I am 57 years old and I have twin daughters who are 22 years old.  Their names are Tabitha and Elly and they have recently graduated from university. Whilst the girls were growing up, I ran my own business for 15 years as an organiser of French school children visiting the UK for English lessons. I gave this up 3 years ago when my children flew the nest. I began my modeling career at the age of 53 and I have never looked back!


2. What have you learnt from being a mother?

What I have leant from being a mother is patience, love and understanding.  How patience can be a life-saver, how willing you are to make sacrifices, the healing power of a hug and a hot meal on the table.


3. How has your fashion sense changed from 10/20 years ago? If any…

My fashion style has changed dramatically, I would say every 5 years I re-invent myself.  The jeans have stayed the same as I have always worn easy-to-wear denim. I have always enjoyed the latest styles and trends. I absolutely love today’s relaxed look of jeans and plimsoles. It’s comfortable, cool and chilled.


4. How has your beauty regime changed in the last 10/20 years? If any…

My beauty regime has changed over the past 20 years.

I never really looked after my skin too well as I was so busy looking after my twin girls. I took my skin for granted whilst I was young and busy. However now, I seriously care about my skin and how I look after it. I really enjoy beauty products of all kind and I take time to research what I use. My daughters and I love using scrubs, masks and creams when we are together. My skin care regime is relaxing and therapeutic and I don’t find it a chore. I wear sun block every day without fail, as I feel protecting my skin is of upmost importance.


5. What advice would you give to new mothers?

My advice to new mothers is quite simple – Listen to your mum! They know best.  And try not to worry; it’s the most exciting time of your life. Consistency is key along with routine. A child needs boundaries to feel safe, secure and loved. I found eating together round the table 3 times a day a massively important part of family communications.



6. What have been the benefits about ageing gracefully

The benefits of aging gracefully are simply feeling great looking on top form, healthy, happy, and having a positive attitude. There is no need whatsoever to have any sort of injections or surgery.  All that is needed is a big smile and bags of confidence. There is more magic in an older face with lines and wrinkles than any face full of fillers and Botox. But that’s just my view.


7. What do you think of the expression ‘anti-ageing’

The expression ‘anti-aging’ is all about delaying and stopping the aging process. This just makes women feel bad about themselves – “we have to fight it” or “we cant have wrinkles we cant be seen as old!” Who said wrinkles were ugly? What’s wrong with a mature face? Its disappointing and frustrating to see the beauty campaigns that make us feel like we should have the face of a 30 year old when your 60. I say ‘Lets have more confidence in ourselves, keep fit and eat well’. One of my close friends, Pauline, is 84 and she spends her days gardening. She is utterly beautiful and full of wrinkles but I only see the smile and her inner happiness shines from with in. No anti-aging creams in her bathroom! Lets age well and fight it with good living!

8. What have you learnt about yourself as you mature

I have leant a lot from my mature age of 57. Mostly I have learnt to care less about the little things and concentrate my energies on bigger stuff.  Important things like health, well-being and family are up there.  I am learning to let go and not take things so seriously, its pretty wonderful feeling…


9. What does ‘Mama Still Got It’ mean to you?

‘Mama Still Got It’ means to me, that all mothers whatever their age still have it!  For a long time I didn’t feel I had it – but it soon came back when my twins left home at 18. When raising children, its easy to forget about yourself.  It means that all women have a unique beauty at any age.  ‘Mama Still Got It’ is a great inspiration and I feel not so alone.


10. Do you think you still have it

Yes I do think I still have it…whatever it means, I feel fabulous, youthful and excited about the future. Confidence is key and you shouldn’t underestimate yourself.  Powerful from the inside is a wonderful feeling.


Thank you so much to Nicky for these wonderful answers – I absolutely love her positivity and spirit.  Please take a look at her portfolio over at www.milkmanagement.co.uk.

If you want to get involved with ‘Mama of the Month’ then please get in touch info@mamastillgotit.com.  I would ova to hear from you.

Please remember to vote for me at the Little London Awards – click here to vote for me as best blogger.  Very much appreciated!

2 Discussion to this post

  1. pauline atkin says:

    Lalways thought Nicky would make a great model at some point in her life,now here she is being a great success.
    Best of luck for the awards.

  2. Sarah says:

    Nicola is so beautiful…. love her story. Thanks for sharing. X

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