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Mama of the Month!

My debut ‘Mama of the Month’ questions begin with some mothers who have more experience than I do… and I always love to hear advice from women who have been through it all and can look back and tell us newish mothers what it’s all about.


To start – who better than Lucia Whitehouse aka Grandmother Pukka, mother to Anna aka Mother Pukka.  Lucia has recently become a grandmother for the second time when Anna gave birth to beautiful Eve last week.

Over to you Lucia…



  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself – where you’re from, age, children, occupation etc.

I was born in a small village in the south of the Netherlands, the youngest of a large family of 8.  I am 65 years old and have two daughters (36 & 31 years old). Before and after having my daughters I was a University Administrator.


  1. What have you learnt from being a mother?

To be adaptable, patient and not to be too obsessive.  Believe in your child.


  1. How has your fashion style changed from 10/20 years ago ? (if any)

Yes.  I now have more time to be selective.  I rather choose fewer but quality clothes.


  1. How has your beauty regime changed from 10/20 years ago?  (if any)

Not at all.


  1. What advice would you give to new mothers?

Trust your own instincts and relax about bringing up a child.  Parenting has gone on for thousands of years.  Don’t get influenced by other people’s ideas how you should bring up your child.


  1. What have been the benefits about ageing gracefully?

You don’t worry about what other people think of you and therefore you just do what you want (within reason).


  1. What do you think of the expression ‘anti-ageing’?

I can’t stand it – who are they trying to kid?  Just be happy in your own skin.


  1. What have you learnt about yourself as you mature?

I am more confident than ever before. 


  1. What does ‘Mama Still Got It!’ mean to you?

To be able to communicate with the opposite sex and have a laugh!


  1. Do you think you still have it?  I might!!  

Many thanks for you time and answers Lucia!!  If you want to be part of the ‘Mama of the Month’ stories, then please get in touch – I would love to hear more about you.  Info@mamastillgotit.com




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