Mama’s Hangover Hacks!

If you’re planning on a having a few more drinks towards the run up the Christmas (and beyond), then read on!

It’s definitely that time of year when the dreaded hangover will linger with us more than usual – and I don’t know about you, but my hangovers have 100% got worse since becoming a mother…or maybe it’s age??

Looking back in my 20’s, hangovers were actually quite luxurious…

I could sleep in until whenever I wanted, followed by ordering in pizza and festering on the sofa (usually with my sister) watching the Eastenders omnibus, and then if we were feeling a little more human like, we would stroll to the pub and enjoy a glass of red (to take the edge off) then have a bath and go to bed feeling fresh the next day.

Oh how things have changed.  My last hangover resulted in me throwing up in the kitchen sink at 7am with a toddler hanging around my ankle.  And it took me the next 2 days to feel like a human again.

A hangover doesn’t care if you have a swimming birthday party to go to, or if you have dirty nappies to change that make you retch…so I thought I should do some research and share some awesome remedies for those oh so hideous hangover days.

These hangover hacks will have you back to your multi tasking, spinning plate, hydrated fabulous self in no time.  I guarantee it.

1. Pre ‘out out’ prep – Before you go out, try and leave a pint of water next to your bed accompanied with a sachet of Dioralyte (the stuff you give your kids after the projectile vomit) Love that the word ‘Dior’ is in this… makes it just that little but more classy no?
2. Lemon, Sugar & Salt Water  This is one of the most effective remedies for a hangover.  Since alcohol tends to sap your body of electrolytes, sugars and water, re-hydrating yourself is key. The citric smell of lemon combined with the high amounts of vitamin C it contains helps replenish your body’s stores of nutrients. Further, salt and sugar help replenish lost electrolytes and beat the symptoms of dehydration.  Winner!


I know drinking water  is obvious, but here is a little fact about hangovers – The main cause of a hangover is because you are dehydrated thus, the body’s organs will attempt to replenish their own water, usually by stealing water from the brain, which causes it to decrease in size and pull on the membranes which connect it to the skull, which in turn results in a headache.  Our brains shrink!! Yikes! Also have painkillers at the ready for extra back up!

3. Bananas – One of the quickest ways to cure a hangover is to make a banana milkshake sweetened with honey. The banana helps calm the stomach, and with the honey, builds up the depleted blood sugar levels. The milk soothes the stomach and rehydrates your system.


4. Honey – That’s right you can play the Honey Monster and eat honey straight from the bottle!   Packed with fructose, it replenishes the sugars that are lost in the course of alcohol metabolism (when your body tries to metabolize alcohol it loses fructose — causing a drop in your blood sugar levels, which is one of the reasons for a hangover) and helps in the quicker digestion and release of alcohol from the body, relieving the symptoms of a hangover.

5. Coconut Water – Coconut water is also a great way to get rid of a hangover. Not only does it have more potassium than a banana and more electrolytes than most sports drinks, but it is also great at washing out the toxins from your body. 

If you’re having a large night out, try to have these remedies at the ready the next morning and  please send to all your mum mates who now get smashed on a glass of wine.  You need this information ladies – no mother needs to suffer more than what we already do in the morning!

You may want to sent this to your partner too – no more hangover excuses!!

You’ve still got it mama!  See you next week, Louise x



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