Maternity Swimwear Must Haves

Summer is upon us (whoop!) and if this is your summer being pregnant, you’ll need some new swimwear to show off your beautiful growing bump on that beach!

I’ve loved finding new maternity brands that I didn’t know about in my previous pregnancies – as well as wearing non maternity clothes and making the bump work with them.

These have been my favourite swimwear brands that I have worn during my pregnancy…

Lily And Ribbon @lilyandribbonmaternity

This brand have some absolute great pieces in – I especially like the pink ‘basketball’ look as there was underwire in the bra (needed) and instead of feeling like a beached whale, I felt like a beach goddess!


This sexy red off shoulder number also got my husbands heart racing (his words not mine)… and if you wanted to you can attached a strap to the other shoulder for more support.


JoJoMamanBebe @jojomamanbebe

This maternity brand has always delivered with swimwear and main fashion.  This swim suit was flattering and if wanted to – could also be strapless.


Lilly and Lime  @lillyandlimeswimwear

This is actually non maternity but the separate bikini top and bottoms worked really well with my bump.  I love getting my tummy out on the beach and showing it off… can you tell?? Ha!


ASOS @asos_maternity

I don’t usually shop that much as ASOS for maternity but this caught my eye and I loved it! Only downer is, it does get dirty quickly but I always take washing detergent with me on my travels so not all is lost!


Lindex @lindex_official 

Again this isn’t maternity but I totally loved this simple plain black bikini set – a classic that can be used after the baby has arrived too.  Again, the straps can come off to have a strapless bikini and it’s also underwired.  I felt very supported and comfortable in this set.


Holo Lilo @hololiloofficial

One last product I’d like to add to this post – I discovered the Holo… a lilo with a hole in the middle for pregnant women to lay on their front.  HURRAH!!! It was brilliant and I highly recommend this to anyone pregnant! The perfect way to relax.



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Louise x



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