Mother’s Day Gift (to yourself)

Becoming a mother is an absolute gift…


One of the many great thing about becoming a mother, is we also gain a day where mothers are celebrated – a day just for us!  A day where we can have a lay in, get pampered and treat ourselves without any guilt whatsoever!  Bliss!

Sometimes I think Mothers Day is better than my birthday – I can literally use the ‘Mother’s Day’ card all day!  You can’t argue with that!

I like to treat myself to a gift on our ‘second birthday’ – a facial, a pedicure, a cinema trip for 1, lunch… anything that means I get some quality time to myself.  It’s so needed and so good for the soul and if we can’t do it on Mother’s’ Day then when can we do it?

If you’re looking to treat yourself, (or if you need to send a few hints to your partner) here are my favourite things to do;

1.Facial by D. Thomas Clinic  – I’ve indulged in their facials before, and the results were astounding.   The dermatologist custom makes your personalised facial that suits your skin and needs.  My skin was quite dehydrated and I had some wrinkles that needed looking at.  The technology and equipment they used on me made my fine lines disappear (for about 3 days – not botox) and I came out looking and feeling refreshed.  Highly recommend this place!

D.Thomas Clinic

2.Botox/Fillers by Uma Aesthetics  – There are more and more women, especially mothers getting botox and fillers.  It seems to be hot topic of conversation with other mothers at the moment. We’ve all noticed our skin has changed with age and with the stress of being a mother that we would all like to wane a little (especially as some of us are hitting the 40 year old mark).  I haven’t had botox or fillers, although I am more and more leaning towards the idea of it, as much as my husband hates the idea!  Some say it’s a preventative, some say it’s a bad idea, but from the women I’ve seen who have had it, all look incredible.  If you are thinking about it, speak with Uma…  She would be my go to girl for this treatment.


3.Manicure/Pedicure at London Grace – Not only does London Grace have a great selection of manicure and pedicure treatments, but they also serve you drinks – coffee, wine, prosecco or cocktails.  It’s a luxury!  Either go by yourself and catch up on some gossip magazines, or go with a group of other mums and really make a party of it.  London Grace do actually have parties there for hen dos, baby showers, or just because…


4.Shopping with a Stylist at River Island Style Studio.  Has your fashion sense changed since you became a mother?  Have no idea what to wear, or how to style your clothes?  Want a new affordable wardrobe but don’t know where to start?  Make an appointment with River Island Style Studio (Marble Arch) and feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (the good shopping montage from the film, not the bad one).


5.Buying that Micro Scooter to keep up with the kids – This may sound like an odd one, but quite on the contrary!! Your kids more than likely have a scooter – which means you have spent many times running after them, and in some cases (mine before I got my scooter) felt the lack of pelvic floor exercises take its toll… yup.  So I decided to not run like a mum holding lots of school bags, trying to hold in my bladder, but instead invest in a scooter of my own.  If you can’t beat them join them eh?  I look cool, I feel cool, it’s great exercise and I have a much better control with my bladder – and with keeping up with my kids!

Micro Scooters

6.Lunch with fellow mothers friends (kid free obvs).  Start a WhatsApp chat, get a date in the dairy NOW for that overdue lunch you’ve been talking about since before Christmas.   You’ll love it and wonder why you don’t do this more often.  Oh yeah, because you’re a busy mama!

7.Cinema date for 1 – A fave of mine and something I used to do a lot when I was single and living in NY.  I would love to watch a Rom Com with a huge box of popcorn without any judgement.  My husband hates Rom Coms and popcorn and I cannot stand rolling eyes, so taking myself to the cinema to watch something that doesn’t involve blood, guts, death and a sad ending is a real treat for me.  And the popcorn is all mine!

8.Make up tutorial at Space NK – Time to upgrade your make up bag I’m sure.  Your skin has more than likely changed since you become a mother, which means your make up needs to change.  Good make up can make a HUGE difference to your skin, complexion and of course confidence.  Go and speak to a make up artist specialist at my favourite place Space NK and see what makeup you should be wearing that will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel a million dollars.

9.Bra fitting/shopping at Bravissimo – Did you know 80% of women wear the wrong bra size?  I was one of them until I shot a lingerie campaign and got professionally fitted.  I always thought I was a 36C… turns out I’m a 32E! The bra’s I wear now feel invisible and the shape and posture of my frame is the best it’s ever been.  Mothers tend to wear the same bra’s they had before they became a mother – and as we all know, our boobs change after we have a child, so go and get a new one fitted and feel the difference.  If like me you are a bustier lady, then I highly recommend Bravissimo and Panache.

10.Have a long hot candle lit bath (with benefits) – I love a hot bath – a place of zen to relax.  BUT I just experienced my first bath using a BathBoard… This bath board has made my bath times a lot more relaxing.  The bath board sits across your bath and has been made in a certain way that will hold all your necessary bathroom items.  A glass of wine, candles, iPad. and space for products.  I will not have a bath without this now… it’s such a treat to have! I have never been so wrinkled (fingers and toes) after a bath before –  it felt so good, so relaxing and so enjoyable.


So there you have it – my top 10 things you should try to fit in for your special day!

Happy Mother’s Day to you – you’re an absolute legend!

See you next week

Louise x



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