My Book Cover Reveal

‘Mama Still Got It’ out June 8th 2023

Here she is! My 4th child.. my book! It’s called ‘Mama Still Got It’ out June 8th and if you pre order now you get £5 off using code MAMAGOT5

Here’s what it’s about…. 

‘The hilarious debut book from Instagram star @mamastillgotit_, chronicling the euphoric highs and epic fails of the school year.

Breaking the typical ‘mumfluencer’ mould, Louise Boyce (AKA @mamastillgotit_) has fast become every parents’ most-liked social media star, with her ability to capture the seemingly mundane moments of raising kids and spin them into hilarious sketches that all parents can relate to – often featuring her tiny-handed character, Bernie.

In her debut book, mum-of-three and model Louise gives a hilarious account of life raising kids through the school year (AKA the ‘real’ calendar). From the heady days of September and the moment our little darlings head back to school, through to Christmas, Easter and the following summer when the whole damned cycle begins again, Mama Still Got It charts the euphoric highs and sh*t-soaked lows of parenting.

Louise’s life takes in all the key milestones: watching your treasured child ruin the school photo, being late for pick up, the dreaded class Whatsapp groups, Halloween, chocolate advent calendars, and the unmatched agony of parents’ races on Sports Day. She even gives her husband Jesse a ‘right of reply’, and her own mother reflects on how being a parent has changed over the decades, too.

Told with Louise’s signature warmth and painful relatability, there’ll also be many LOLs along the way. Because, as we all know, laughter is the best medicine. That, and Calpol’


‘Beautifully observed, wickedly funny, expertly told. BRILLIANT!’ Giovanna Fletcher

‘I adore how honest this is-Louise finds the funniest moments in the smallest everyday occurrences. I loved it.’ Fearne Cotton

‘This book is for anyone who, like me, has watched Louise’s reels on repeat and wanted more more more – it’s bloody hilarious!’ Katie Piper

‘Utterly heartfelt and blimmin’ hilarious – Louise has created that perfect cocktail of laughter and tears. It’s like a bosomy maternal hug in a book.’
Anna Whitehouse

‘A brilliantly funny, and more importantly, realistic take on the joys and woes of parenting, from nappies to nits, and soft play to screen time, we’ve all been there, and you have to laugh, or you’ll cry’. Gill Sims

‘Louise is genius. This is a brilliant, hilarious and refreshing perspective on parenthood that isn’t often expressed; I’m going to buy a copy for every mother I know!’ Alex Light

‘Utterly brilliant!! I laughed out loud from start to finish. Full of messy, real life parenting stories which I’m so grateful for, because let’s be honest, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! Louise’s comedic and self-deprecating narration, even around the more serious scary parental decisions, made me feel like I wasn’t alone or doing a terrible job. This is just what life is like with kids and this book should be all parents pocket guide to ‘stop giving yourself a hard time!’ Millie Mackintosh



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