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How to experience a positive birth after a traumatic one

Since my last podcast I gave birth to a little girl. Luckily this labour was a very positive one – very different to my previous…

Honesty in maternity advertising – why brands use fake bumps

In my debut podcast, I talk to Liz Day at Mothercare, Kerri Northcott and Sylvia Flote about the #PushItOut campaign that went viral. Honesty in…

How to survive the summer holidays – tips, hacks & loose chats…

Right in amongst the summer break, I spoke to Kerri Northcott, Kristen Smith and Liz Day (Mothercare) about the trials and tribulations of keeping your…

Pregnancy Massage at Ushvani Chelsea

Being pregnant with two other children is certainly stressful – especially when you hit the third trimester. ┬áTaking time out for yourself is essential on…


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