Pregnancy Massage at Ushvani Chelsea

Being pregnant with two other children is certainly stressful – especially when you hit the third trimester.  Taking time out for yourself is essential on so many levels. Time to press the ‘reset’ button and spend some time just you and bump.

Easier said than done sometimes – but for me, my body was screaming out for some R and R. I came across Ushvani Chelsea Spa after Reading about them in Little London magazine and got in touch.

They captivated me with their 90 minute long pregnancy massage with essential oils – so I booked it in! It was well deserved and my aching body was in need of some professional treatment. 

Ushvani is a Malaysian spa in the heart of Chelsea that oozes that opulent decadence you’re looking for when stepping into a spa. The kind of place that takes your mind off your never ending ‘to do’ list and niggling laundry basket.

Feeling like I’d stepped into Malaysia, and inhaling the delicious aroma’s that circulated the spa, I slipped into my dressing gown and slippers and immediately started to feel myself relax.

The 90 minutes massage was beyond relaxing. I actually relaxed so much I fell asleep and woke feeling like I had the best sleep in a long time – then I felt rejuvenated, and not even ashamed that I snored through the last 15 minutes of it. 

I was massaged laying on my left side first as the therapist stroked my body from my shoulders down to my feet. This continued on my right side too and then finally I lay on my back which I was concerned about because this can put pressure on you and the baby and not always the most comfortable but they adjusted the bed in a way that felt great.

Before the massage
After the massage

I thought 90 minutes would feel like a long time but it flew by and I wished I could have stayed longer.

After the treatment, you can relax in the spa and nibble on the complimentary fruits and nuts – and take time to get back to reality.

I left the spa with such zen that even the kids rogue Lego pieces left on the kitchen floor stabbing the bottom of my feet didn’t faze me.

Ushvani charge £180 for the spa treatment.  Worth every penny, however if you feel this is too expensive for you, ask your close friends to all chip in as a baby shower gift.  After all it’s not just about the baby… what your body is going through during pregnant is incredible and we shouldn’t underestimate how important it is to take care of yourself during this time. 

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Louise x


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