Sunburn is Beauty Suicide!

This is a no brainer.  Wear sunscreen… its that simple.  Unless you want to age badly, then don’t wear it.

I know we’re all SO happy the sun has finally made an appearance after so many months of dull, grey, wet, windy and even snowy days.  I find that everyone is so much happier when the sun is out – even my husband has called me twice today to say ‘hi’ and it’s only 1.30pm (not the usual routine I can assure you!)

You may think I’m being a fun blocker when I talk about sun blocker – but the truth is, the sun  (as beautiful as it is) will harm you and your kids if you don’t protect yourselves.  Dum dum dummmmmmmm!!

True story –  sun damage is the fastest way to age – and lets not forget that skin cancer is also one of the reasons we should stay protected.

I wish I could go back to my 18 year old self and slap myself as I lounge around the swimming pool wearing ‘factor fuck it’ oil on my face.

It has had an effect on my skin as I’ve got older, but luckily I work in an industry where I get to know about fantastic pro age products (sorry I hate the term ‘anti ageing’ – how can you be anti the inevitable??)

Sunburn is literally beauty suicide!

It’s wonderful to have a tan – we all look better with one, and we can all still have one! Wearing sun block doesn’t mean we can’t get a tan… it’s just a protective layer that your older self with thank you for.

Here are some of my favourties for you and your kids –


Nivea has always been one of my favourite brands.  I have used their everyday moisturisers and sunscreen for myself and my kids over the years.

Have you tried these out?

For you –

Nivea Sun for the face – Q10 anti age and anti pigment

Nivea protect and moisture

For your kids…

I know it can be a chore putting sun scream on your kids – but this roll on is brilliant.  They can do it themselves (or at least try) which makes it much more fun for them to wear it.

Nivea Sun roll for kids

Nivea Sun Spray for kids



Another fave of mine if their sunscreen.  It  glides on the skin, non sticky, literally feels like velvet AND they also do a tinted SFP too.

For you…

For your kids…

This one is awesome as it can be sprayed onto wet skin (kids are always wet on holiday!)

Wet Skin Spray

Kids screen factor 50+



Avon is always in my bathroom cabinet – and this sunscreen is not only highly protective, non-sticky sun cream, It’s also water and sweat resistant and very reasonably priced at £5!

Avon Sun 50+



I always feel so decadent when I have Vichy in my bag – and I love these new sun screens.  This one enhances your tan as well as protecting you at the same time.. yes!

Vichy Ideal Soleil – Enhanced Tan

Vichy Ideal Soleli – Hydrating



We all have our favourite brands, and whatever ones they are – the main importance is to actually wear sunscreen! Your future self will thank you for it!

Thanks for reading and see you again next week!

Louise xx





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