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August was a very busy month!  As well as giving birth to my daughter Inca (birth story coming) and the kids being off school, I also managed to record my first couple of episodes from my new podcast!

‘For Pod’s Sake’ is a new podcast featuring some great guest and the idea is to think of it as hanging out with your friends, discussing things over a glass of wine whilst listening in the comfort of your own home.

Subjects will vary from motherhood (knowing we’re all in the same boat and you’re doing a great job), skin care, fashion, cracking the modelling industry, pregnancy, relationships, travel and whatever else springs to mind.  The main thing is – it’s honest and if you know me you’ll know I don’t have a filter between my head and my mouth!

Episode 1 – Honesty in Maternity Advertising is available to download on the platform you prefer to useApple, Spotify, Acast.

In my debut podcast, I talk to Liz Day at Mothercare, Kerri Northcott and Sylvia Flote about the #PushItOut campaign that went viral. Honesty in maternity advertising has started to change from the pressures of myself and others putting on brands to use real pregnant model and not fake prosthetic bumps. Why do brands do this? What does the consumer think? What do the models think? Why has the fashion industry evolved so much in other areas apart from maternity?

Episode 2 – How to survive the summer holidays – tips, hacks and loose chats!  Apple, Spotify, Ascast

Right in amongst the summer break, I spoke to Kerri Northcott, Kristen Smith and Liz Day (Mothercare) about the trials and tribulations of keeping your sanity in check during testing month of August. How do you plan ahead and fill the diary? Is resorting to the master parenting hack of outright bribery ok? How do you avoid feeling guilty if the kids seem bored? We also asked Basil (7) and Ivy (5) for their hot take on how we’re doing!

I’d really love to know your thoughts and ideas on what you’d like to listen to.  Also  please please SUBSCRIBE and share! 

New episodes are to be recorded next week when the kids are all back at school (hurrah).

Thanks and hope you’ve had a lovely summer.

Louise x

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