The positive look on Coronavirus

Firstly – watch this video.  I put this on my IG and was the best shared content ever.. really lovely to see social media work in a positive way and that we’re all trying to focus on the silver lining..

This doesn’t need much of an introduction – we all know what Coronavirus and COVID-19 is and we have all had to adjust our lives to fight this invisible war that we WILL win by staying at home.

To be perfectly honest about 10 days ago I felt a huge wave of anxiety and the undertow of this wave was pulling me closer and closer to falling apart.  I asked my husband to turn the news off and I also took the BBC notifications off my phone to ease it.  Like you, I was worried about the virus, my mother and her weak lungs, my husband and his collapsed lung, work, money, sanity, and then the bomb dropped with schools closing for the foreseeable future.  In the meantime every time I felt slightly under the weather I convinced myself I had the virus.

I have a very close family network and we speak everyday.  My mum, who is possibly the most positive person I know always makes me feel better, even at the mature age of almost 40.

 ‘If you’re given lemons, make lemonade’

she says and this is exactly what I have done and it’s worked.

Before the lockdown, I felt like a hamster in a spinning wheel – always moving, always spinning, and not really feeling like I was getting anywhere.  This time off at home has given us all the time to stop, reflect and make changes.

Proactive! Since being at home with the kids everyday, I’ve done things that I have put off for at least 6 months.  Painting the kids garden house, sorting out all their clothes, organising my paperwork, sitting down and really engaging with the kids, as well as helping them with their education which we’ve made fun!

Gratitude! Wow didn’t we take the every day things for granted?  How lucky we were without realising it!  To help with my mood when staying indoors, everyday I write down 10 things that I am grateful for… even the smallest things.  For example, listening to the birds singing when laying in bed before anyone was awake, enjoying a cup of coffee in peace, laughing with my kids, speaking to my mates, tidying up the utility room.  There are lots of things to be grateful for and when we realise this, our lives suddenly feel a little bit more magical.

The other night when we all cheered for the NHS outside our houses was a moment I’ll never ever forget.  A real sense of gratitude, thanks, love and community all wrapped up in one big beautiful experience.  When has this ever happened before?  Never.

Communicating! Last June when my dad passed away hardly anyone took the time to pick up the phone and ask how I was or see if I was ok.  A rude awakening into the world we live in and how busy we all were.  Whereas now with the virus I’ve noticed how much more we are all talking to each other.  I’ve spoken to so many people on the phone that I wouldn’t usually speak to.

Social media has changed.  Previously platforms like Facebook and Instagram were called ‘anti-social’ but now, thanks to social media there is a sense of us all being in this together and the content has been hilarious! The memes and videos have had me in stitches and if you’re not already on Tik Tok, this is the time to sign up… and follow me @mamastillgotit_ I find myself laughing out loud at the content. Humour is key in these times.

My husband is ‘home’ from work early than ever before so we get to have evening meals altogether that didn’t happen before.

DIY around the house is happening, and I’ve finally convinced my husband that I want to paint our garden fences that we was so opposed to before.  Hurrah!

Skin! I’ve not worn any makeup for 2 weeks already and my skin feels like it’s benefiting from the break.  I’m also adding coconut oil to my hair to help repair it and help growth, I genuinely think this has helped with my hair regrowth after having  a baby.   Not going out has it’s silver linings!

Exercise! I have always wanted to be that person that wakes up in the morning and does exercise from home.  This hasn’t happened until now.  It’s all thanks to Joe Wicks and his daily PE seasons for the kids that I have also joined in on.  Then I took it further and did yoga at home when I could to and guess what..?? I can now do the wheel pose in yoga…. this time in January I couldn’t do it and it was my mission to be able to do it by Christmas, but I’ve done it in a matter of weeks not months.

Health! I’ve upped my vitamins and well being regime.  If this virus is hunting us, best way is fight it as well as staying at home and washing hands is to make sure we’re the fittest we can be!  Build up that immune system.  As of this week I am starting a 30 day healthy eating plan with Arbonne.  My best mate Laura has been doing it and she feels incredible so I’m trying it out for myself.  I need to be at the top of my game now that I am at home with the kids every day.

Routines! I have finally got my baby into a daily routine which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but now I’ve nailed it! Feels good and because of this her sleeping and eating is much better.  I also have weekly scheduled Skype/Zoom calls with my family, friends, and my kids school mates.

Don’t get me wrong, the deaths around the world because of this virus are awful, and I am aware that some families may be in a difficult situation with abuse or mental health issues and I wish I could do more that share links on my IG stories with websites that can help,  but I’ve been bought up to believe that something good comes out of something bad.  I strongly believe this will change the world forever…for the better.

Maybe when we all go back to normal we’ll actually miss these days at home.  In the meantime – stay at home, stay positive and wash your hands!

Louise x






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