A Product For You, Your Kids… and Meghan Markle!

This week I wanted to let you know about a product I’ve come across called Frezyderm, a Greek pharmaceutical skincare brand that started over 30 years ago by Anastasios Anastasiou (who is famous for developing a topical solution to soothe babies with colic as well as targeting fine lines!)

… and also a favourite of Royal bride to be Meghan Markle

What I love about this brand, is they specialise in very sensitive skin so, all products can be used on all family.  Great for mums, babies and teens with troublesome skin and even newborns and pregnant women as it’s a pharmaceutical trusted brand.

Personally, since becoming a mother, my skin has changed…

I have bouts of roseacia which can erupt on my cheeks at the most inconvenient times.  If I’ve been shooting all week with lots of different make up products on my face, this can cause a lot of irritation for my skin.  Which can be make or break for new potential clients.  It’s very important for me to find a solution to my red irritated skin (and I’ve tried a lot of products!).

I’ve been using Frezyderm ‘Sensitive Red Skin’ for intensive Roseacea and redness control AND they also have a tinted moisturise for Rosacea sufferers – and wow this works!  I have used this product on a regular basis, and as I type this in my hotel room before a 5 day shoot, I have it packed in my wash bag.

Intensive Rosacea and Redness Control

Another fave of mine if their sunscreen.  It  glides on the skin, non sticky, literally feels like velvet AND they also do a tinted SFP too – brilliant and cannot wait to try this out on holiday at the end of May.   I won’t wear anything less than factor 50 now (sun burn is skin suicide after all) but they do have other factor incase you aren’t a sun blocker like I am.

Not only do I like this brand, my kids also do.  My youngest son has eczema but and we’ve been using Atoprel Barrier Cream – The cream reduces inflammation, hydrates the skin and provides antibacterial protection – and their shampoo’s are a top choice in our house too…





Easy to get your hand on them too – stocked in over 150 UK independent stockists and also available online at www.frezyderm.com.

Products are paraben free, sulphate free, against being tested on animals, fragrance free and free of allergy triggers.  What a winner of a product.   One last gush – their packaging is one of the best I’ve seen.  Looks awesome in my bathroom cabinet!

See you next week

Louise x






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