Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka takes to the mic


This virtual episode of #ForPodsSake podcast was great! Journalist, Ted Talker, radio presenter, flexible working campaigner, best selling author, mother of two and the founder of Mother Pukka – please welcome to the mic, Anna Whitehouse! Anna and her husband Matt have written a book whilst in lockdown called ‘Quarantine’ – and if you know the Pukka’s you know they write great books and this is their debut fictional book – with a bit of dark comedy. This book is only on sale for a limited number of days so don’t delay and get your copy for only £1 from The Pound Project. Link in @mother_pukka bio or go to,



We also talked about her Flex Appeal campaign whilst more and more brands are exploring more flexible working during lockdown and how even though you’re not at the office, productivity is on the up….

Anna Whitehouse @mother_pukka  X The Pound Project @_pound_project

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