Drinking Yourself Younger With Skinade

Being a model in my 30’s … ahem…late 30’s can be tough.  Models are considered to be perfect beings – we are booked on how we look. Yikes!

This can be extremely soul destroying at times, and I’ve leant  over the years, especially as I get older that I have to look after myself.  Not such a bad thing really – as who doesn’t want to take care of themselves? I’m a firm believer that women must get better with age, but when your livelihood relies on it, it can be quite challenging.

Me as a 15 year old and 35 year old

When I became a mother, I started to notice certain things changing (as they do) – but I didn’t think it would take such an effect on my skin.

I had always been very fortunate with flawless skin in my 20’s – something I had taken for granted for many years.  When I hit my 30’s and had children, I noticed my skin was completely different.  Was it a mixture of those extra hormones, lack of sleep, stress, and the possibility of consuming more wine than ever before?? (You know what I’m talking about mama’s)… either way, I felt my self confidence was lacking, I was wearing more make up than ever before (which always looks like you’re wearing more make up) a big ‘no no’ when you’re a model going on castings.   I even found myself wearing more make up on the school run and almost hiding behind enormous sunglasses or a hat.   My skin was red, spotty, dry, loss of elasticity and generally old before my years.

Before and after using Skinade


Something had to be done.   I needed to feel comfortable in my own skin.  Literally!  To maintain normal skin functions and hold onto a youthful appearance we must look beyond traditional skin care – beauty products mainly focus on the surface of the skin, where as I knew I needed something that was going to work from the inside.  And as we all know, beauty in as inside job!

Then I came across Skinade.

Skinade is a multi award winning, collagen drink that contains a formulation of active ingredients aiming to boost your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.   At the heart of your skins youthful beauty lies a number of vital elements; hydration, nutrition, protection and regeneration.  Key to healthier skin.

As we grow older (and wiser I may add), the collagen matrix in our skin becomes weakened and damaged causing wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes or thinning skin.  Skinade has been designed (by top scientists) to repair and strengthen your skin from the inside.  This yummy drink provides a specific ratio of essential micronutrients in order to create one of the most advanced, effective and bio-available skincare products on the market today.  Boom!


Yummy Skinade drink in the morning!


So how does it work?

Every morning after breakfast, I have my Skinade collagen drink (which I think tastes like Pineapple yum).  That’s it.  Easy peasy. After 30 days and you’ll start to see a difference.  I’m on month 4 now and I have noticed a huge change.   Hurrah! My skin has had a MASSIVE improvement – My skin is smoother, plumper, younger (!!) and I no longer need to slap make up on my face so much on the school run or castings.. And most importantly, my confidence is back.  Hell I even got asked for ID the other day.  I guess you could say Mama Still Got It!  See what I did there?

Skinade – a new generation in skincare.  I’m all over it!

See my video diary here…






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