Garnier Nutrisse Blonde at home – a review

Being a blonde means a lot of colour maintenance and to be perfectly honest when I need my roots being done, I don’t actually feel like my true self.  Being in isolation means my roots were starting to really grow back and I day by day it was irritating me more and more.

Then I saw a video tutorial of Holly Willoughby dying her hair at home using Garnier Nutrisse – so I decided to give it a go myself.

I bought the bottle of dye from my local Sainsbury’s for £10 and got to it as soon as  my baby was due her next nap.  Nervous? Yes.  Curious? Very.  I’ve always wanted to try a home bottle dye and what better time to do it now when I’m not seeing anyone should it go horribly wrong??

This is my tutorial video – admittedly I was worried when I first took my towel of my head (as you can see).   It looks a little orange at first… perhaps I didn’t leave it on for long enough, but once it was blow dried it seemed much better.

The result – I’m happy! I feel blonde, I feel like my usual self, it looks me 30 minutes in total and cost me £10.  Will I use it again after lock down???  I’m not sure yet…. perhaps?

Let me know if you try it out yourself, I’d love to know what your results are too,

Stay safe, stay at home and see you soon,

Louise x



  1. 2nd February 2021 / 11:52 am

    I have just tried this product as it’s been ages since I’ve been able to go to the hairdressers because of lockdown. I normally have blonde highlights done .
    Do I brought this hair dye recommended by Holly Willby .
    I was very nervous as I’ve never used my own hair dye , but I was actually pleased with the result , however, it’s now looking a bit orange , so I’m going to use a purple shampoo and hopefully that will get rid of the orange roots .
    Fingers crossed

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