Laughter is Reel

Since I last posted in here (it’s been a while, apologies), we have moved house and experienced another 2 lockdowns.  Currently in Lockdown 3 and as I write this, I am hiding in the downstairs loo whilst my kids and I navigate home schooling and working from home.

2020 opened up a new door for me with shooting silly videos about motherhood and lockdown – and I’m so pleased I did.  Usually my Instagram account was about my  modelling work and motherhood, but as life took a bleak sharp turn and anxiety levels were rife, I realised that laughter was the best medicine, so I started to shoot.

I have had so many wonderful messages from you all saying how I have managed to make you laugh and make you feel better.  Your encouragement has made me want to do more and more of them – and as a result I am now up for an award!

If I have managed to make you smile, please vote for me using this link here.  I’m under the BEST TIK TOK category.

Here is a snippet of life in 2020 …

If you’re a mother and trying to work and teach from home, I’m sure you can relate to this one… video 8

Thank you for reading – and please remember you are amazing and doing a great job.  What we have been asked to do is the hardest task ever.  You do not have to be perfect.  The best thing you can do it love your family and focus on self care for yourself.

Speak soon

Louise x


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