Make Up Workshop with Arbonne

Last night, I co-hosted an event full of busy mum’s who were all looking for a makeover with new products to try, as well as learning some lifelong makeup tips.

Along with celebrity makeup artist Sarah Edwards-Knight, who is working on this season’s X Factor (and yes she did sort out Scarlett’s eyebrows) we opened up bottles of prosecco and all got stuck in with our make up tutorial.

First, Sarah asked us all to remove our make up – some women were terrified at the idea of this, but as we all know (or should know) prepping the skin before applying make up is imperative.

A decorator would never paint a wall that hadn’t been prepped before – same rule applies for the face!

The products Sarah introduced us to is a brand called Arbonne – cruelty free vegan products that feel fantastic on the face.  We started off with Gel Eye Mask that eradicate all signs of puffiness – perfect if you’ve had a rough night sleep or hungover (tis the season!) followed by toner, serum, moisturiser and lastly makeup primer.  Primer was the one product that threw the mums yesterday and many admitted they have never used one before.  A primer is a base for your make up and makes sure that the make up doesn’t seep into your pores… the majority of makeup artist I work this use a primer products.

Then is was makeup time! I tried a CC cream that perfect for everyday makeup – nothing too heavy and something that you could comfortably wear on the school run, meetings, castings.  It had a lovely dewy glow to it too which made my skin look like it had a beautiful natural finish.

Then I tried a concealer… which literally concealed all that needed to be concealed.  SOLD! My favourite items were eye shadows ‘opal’ and ‘sequoia’, a blusher called ‘Taffeta’ a lip pencil called ‘posey’ and of course ‘it’s a long story’ mascara.

My mum was a perfect example of someone who needed a make over.  She’s 71 and stuck in her ways with makeup and has been using the same products for years.  Trouble is, the products she had weren’t right for her, but she kept on using the same ones anyway as we all do.

 I saw her confidence come to life when she caught herself in the mirror wearing makeup that is right for her skin and the right coverage.  She looked 10 years younger and felt it too.

My sister was also set her in ways.  She didn’t think it was necessary to wear eyeshadow as her eye lids are too ‘saggy’ and you can’t see her eyelids.  Well…. her eyes came ALIVE when Sarah showed her to how apply eyeshadow with the right brush and colour.

I’ve honestly never seen my sister and mum look so stunning.

The event was a huge success – we all looked incredibly glamorous and every lady there went away with some invaluable make up tips and new products.

I’d like to thank everyone who came to the makeup workshop and a special mention to beautiful vegan restaurant ‘Oswald Copplepot’ in Chiswick who welcomed us to host there, and of course to Sarah who really made the event special and introduced us all to Arbonne products.

We definitely all felt like we were Mama’s who have Still Got It!



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