Second Trimester Must Haves

If you’re pregnant and in your second trimester, chances are you’re feeling a little bit more like yourself… If not yet, you should be there shortly!!

You’ve had your 12 week scan and started telling family, friends and work colleagues about your exciting news WOO! This is also the time when I delve into treating myself to a few bits to help make my pregnancy journey that little bit more comfortable, physically and mentally.

For me, getting into bed at the end of that day is when I can switch off and only think about me and my growing baby – and it’s my favourite part of the day… here are my few essentials that make me feel totally relaxed and help with a good nights sleep.


BHugme pregnancy and nursing pillow £138.00

Get ultimate comfort through pregnancy and nursing with the BHugme pillow.  It makes mums and babies happier, through a simple idea: a pillow for support to sit, lie and sleep comfortably throughout pregnancy and early childhood.


London Hypnobirthing MP3/Book

I used hypnobirthing with my first son, but not my second.  The difference was; one labour experience was good, and the other  not so good.  This time around I have decided to get back into hypnobirthing with the help of founder Hollie aka @theyesmumum and I already feel calmer and more confident about going into labour.  I read Hollie’s book ‘ Your Baby Your Birth’ (almost finished but sure I’ll re read) followed by listening to her ‘Guided Relaxation Sleep’ MP3 which always sends me off into a deep uninterrupted sleep.  The positive affirmation cards are also a great accessory to carry around with you or place in areas around the house.  I have one stuck on my bathroom mirror that I know I’ll read twice a day.



These award winning self heating eye masks are SO RELAXING and go hand in hand with the hypnobirthing.  Using theses make are such a treat and I actually can’t wait to put one on and Zzzzzzzzzzzz.  A pack of 5 costs £15 – a perfect treat for yourself or a gift to anyone who likes to enjoy relaxing!

Mama Mio – The Tummy Rub Butter  £23.50

This tummy rub is your superhero in fighting stretch marks! Rich in organic omegas, it is rich with moisture and natural goodness. I apply this (or I get my husband to) on my tummy and boobs and will continue to use after the baby has arrived too.

Gas and Air Blog

When I’m not reading Hollie’s book, I love to look at the Gas and Air blog founded by Clemmie Hopper aka @mother_of_daughters.  The birth stories are gripping as are all the pregnancy articles.  A great go to blog!

And for me, this is pretty much it!  These simple 4 products help me feel comfortable, relax, unwind, work on my subconscious mind and keep stretch marks at bay.  The perfect combination!

See you next week and thanks for reading

Louise x





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