The Great Escape…

The sign of a good holiday is when you come home and want to book it up again the following year.  We’ve done this for the past 4 years after a weekend escape in the Cotswolds.

I’ll admit, I’m slightly concerned this post will herald an exodus to our favourite ‘home from home’ holiday…

…alas, I am willing to take that chance as you need to know about this place!

“When can we go back to the ‘Hot tub house’?” Our 5 year old son asks this question more or less on a weekly basis.  Luckily for him, we are already booked in to come back in August with another couple and their children (same age as ours) and we are ALL counting down the days.

Log House Holidays are in a league of their own.  A luxury country retreat in the heart of the Cotswolds set in the idyllic surroundings of a beautiful 130 acre spring fed lake.  All of the eight traditional Finnish log houses have been carefully positioned around the lake in complete seclusion from each other so that you can enjoy wonderful, uninterrupted views across the lake.


Even though we’ve been back time and time again, the absolute beauty and tranquility of the lake and the house never ceases to amaze us.  You can literally feel the stress and weight of London life dissolve as you arrive and breathe in all in.  The kind of place you just stare at your surrounding and feel at peace with yourself and nature.

It’s absolutely breathtaking and incredible to think this place is only an hour once on the M4 from London.  No tiresome aeroplane journeys needed to reach this paradise.

Each cabin has their own private decking with furniture, BBQ facilities and STUNNING views across the lake, all equipped with a rowing boat providing access to the private 130 acre lake, where my husband and my son like to go fishing.  AND each cabin has their own private traditional Finnish hot tub.  HELLO!!!


All log cabins are decked out with exactly what you need for your stay – all very high standards and contain everything you require for a tranquil, luxurious holiday.  They even have the living rooms decked out with board games and a wood burning stove for those cosy Autum/Winter evenings.  There is also a fire pit where the kids and adults love to roast marshmallows on sticks (all provided) as a pre bedtime treat for the kids or a pre evening treat for the adults.

What we love about this place – aside from it’s magnificent beauty and natural decadence, is there’s plenty to do for both kids and adults.  Or do nothing at all!

We knacker the kids out with fishing, swimming in the lake, bike rides, long walks, hot tub time, rowing a boat – and believe me when I say, our boys are EXHAUSTED after a great outdoors adventure day – which leave us adults to have our own fun.

It’s always a thumbs up experience from us – even our 22 month old… In fact he learnt how to give a thumbs up on this holiday – must mean something no??

When the kids are asleep, my husband and I retire to the hot tub, always equipped with a bottle of wine as we relax under the stars and talk about how we feel like we’re in Canada or New Zealand or Thailand.  The stillness of the lake in the evenings resembles a mirror reflecting the tress in the moonlight.  It’s extremely romantic!

Or we’ll enjoy a sunset fishing session whilst the BBQ is getting prepped for the evening meal.


How is this in the UK????

We’ve been over summer and winter months and both are special in their own way.  And you have the choice of staying a cabin for a small family OR hire the largest cabin that sleeps 11 and has an outdoors heated swimming pool.

Oh and there are awesome pubs a small drive away but we’ve never actually wanted to go off site, but good to know that you can if you want to..  AND Sainsburys delivery food there too.

I could go on and on about this place.  Very pleased we’re going back next month!

Can we just discuss how happy my husband is when he catches a Pike – he’s happier here than in our wedding photos.  Just saying…





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